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Meditation is a Warlord Set, it provides a boost to the REG of all Warlord type creatures.

Meditation I - Warlord +3% REG:[]

Wild Amanita.png Ghost.png Thief.png

Meditation II - Warlord +5% REG:[]

Wild Amanita.png Crypt Ripper.png Ardi, Skeleton's Warchief.png

Meditation III - Warlord +7% REG:[]

Revived Amanita.png Crypt Ripper.png Master Thief.png Cunning Trapper.png

Meditation IV - Warlord +10% REG:[]

Warlike Amanita.png Imp The Chieftain.png Dead Forest Wolf.png Big Zombie Boar.png

Meditation V - Warlord +15% REG:[]

Carnivorous Amanita.png Old Fanged Boar.png Darkthicket Wolf.png Warlike Ape-Man.png