Choker Of Life is a Warlord Set, it provides a boost to the HP of all Warlord type creatures.

Choker Of Life I - Warlord +1% HP:Edit

Trapper Young Wolf Crazy Skeleton

Choker Of Life II - Warlord +5% HP:Edit

Wild Hunt's Master Nettle Swine Crazy Skeleton

Choker Of Life III - Warlord +7% HP:Edit

Till, Wild Hunt's Archont Darkthicket Wolf Prince Of Thieves Wild Saber-Toothed Boar

Choker Of Life IV - Warlord +10% HP:Edit

Fiery Imp Cannibal Warg Ardi, Skeleton's Warchief Aggressive Plant

Choker Of Life V - Warlord +15% HP:Edit

Cunning Trapper Akella, Howling Leader Wild Saber-Toothed Boar Warlike Amanita
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