Forge of Gods Wiki

Chainmail is a Warlord Set, it provides a boost to the DEF of all Warlord type creatures.

Chainmail I - Warlord +2% DEF:[]

Ghost.png Undead Swine.png Zombie Wolf.png

Chainmail II - Warlord +5% DEF:[]

Sapling.png Big Zombie Boar.png Church Acolyte.png

Chainmail III - Warlord +7% DEF:[]

Ent The Forest Guardian.png Big Zombie Boar.png Pious Chaplain.png Carnivorous Amanita.png

Chainmail IV - Warlord +10% DEF:[]

Revived Tree.png Spinebreaking Boar.png Disciple Of Earth.png Revived Amanita.png

Chainmail V - Warlord +12% DEF:[]

Forest Defender.png Spinebreaking Boar.png Earth Mage.png Crypt Ripper.png