Maximum Evolution Bonuses For WarlordsEdit

Maximum Bonuses For Warlords, without ME (with ME)
Using Non-Elite Mat. Using Elite Mat. Potential Max
(using fruits)
VI 10% (15%) 10% (15%) 77%
VII 40% (50%) 80% (90%) 190%
VIII 70% (85%) 150% (165%) 355%
IX 100% (120%) 220% (240%) 630%
X 130% (155%) 290% (315%) 1 345%
XI 1 520%
XII 1 695%
XIII 1 870%
XIV 2 045%
XVI 2 595%
XVII 3,070%

Note: To get VI at 15% Warlord must be reset DURING Megaevolve Event.

From grade VI to grade VII Edit

Adar -Cannibal WargCunning TrapperBrown-Green FroglingSmall Snake Egg
Alaniel -Cannibal WargZombie ArcherBrown-Green FroglingSmall Snake Egg
Graugt -Cannibal WargImperial ArcherBrown-Green FroglingSmall Snake Egg
Kergan -Cannibal WargMaster FencerBrown-Green FroglingSmall Snake Egg
Morganna -Cannibal WargPoisonous HornetBrown-Green FroglingSmall Snake Egg
Richard -Cannibal WargMaster ThiefBrown-Green FroglingSmall Snake Egg
Vlad -Cannibal WargKilling WaspBrown-Green FroglingSmall Snake Egg

From grade VII to grade VIII Rank 30 - Cost: 1.96m Gold Edit

Adar -Terrify Killing FlowerApe's Pride DefenderCreepy OozeBlack-Red Toad
Alaniel -Terrify Killing FlowerOld PreacherCreepy OozeBlack-Red Toad
Graugt -Dark Forest DefenderForest DefenderBlack-Red ToadScorpion Egg
Kergan -Evil Stingerfling SpiderWeb Enmeshing SpiderBlack-Red ToadScorpion Egg
Morganna -Evil Stingerfling SpiderOld Black WidowCreepy OozeScorpion Egg
Richard -Damned BloodsuckerOld PreacherCreepy OozeScorpion Egg
Vlad -Ethernal LadyElven BowmasterBlack-Red ToadScorpion Egg

VIII to IX - Requires Rank 60 - Cost: 6m Gold Edit

Adar -King KongArcher Of The ThicketBlack ToadBoiling Ooze
Alaniel -Restless Phantom LadyGiant Flower WarriorBlack ToadBoiling Ooze
Graugt -Immortal NosferatuHuorn The Forest GuardianBlack ToadBlack Egg
Kergan -Giant Plant WarriorWeb Enmeshing ArachnidBlack ToadBlack Egg
Morganna -Giant Flower WarriorArachnus SpinnerBoiling OozeBlack Egg
Richard -GloomwidowHigh PriestBoiling OozeBlack Egg
Vlad -Orc's Elite WarriorCactus AssassinBoiling OozeBlack Egg

IX to X - Requires Rank 90 - Cost: 21m Gold Edit

Adar -Till, Wild Hunt's ArchontAydrien The Last BowmasterRainbow ToadRainbow Ooze
Alaniel -Archibald, Bloodless SniperOphelia, Tormented By EternityRainbow ToadRainbow Ooze
Graugt -Wilhelm, Single-Eyed SniperVlad, Vampire's LordRainbow ToadRainbow Egg
Kergan -Reinhard, Thief's KingDistraught Plant ColonelRainbow ToadRainbow Egg
Morganna -Queen Of HornetsDistraught Flower ColonelRainbow OozeRainbow Egg
Richard -Akella, Howling LeaderMad GloomwidowRainbow OozeRainbow Egg
Vlad -Queen Of WaspsOrc's Guard GeneralRainbow OozeRainbow Egg

X to XI - Requires Rank 100 - Cost: 32m Gold Edit

Warlord Adar+Queen Of Hornets+Undead Orc's Hero+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Adar
Warlord Alaniel+White Fang, Undead Leader+Distraught Plant Colonel+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Alaniel
Warlord Graugt+Fanged Marrow Chomper+Ancient Silverback+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Ooze=>Warlord Graugt
Warlord Kergan+Rouge, Shade Of Death+Aydrien The Last Bowmaster+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Ooze=>Warlord Kergan
Warlord Morgana+Acid Phosphoric Mushroom+Ophelia, Tormented By Eternity+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Morgana
Warlord Richard+Wild Saber-Toothed Boar+Vlad, Vampire's Lord+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Richard
Warlord Vlad+Reinhard, Thief's King+Mad Gloomwidow+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Vlad
Warlord Ororo+Wild Saber-Toothed Boar+Infernal Imp+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Ororo
Warlord Lilith+Ardi, Skeleton's Warchief+Ancient Dark Forest Horror+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Lilith

XI to XII - Requires Rank 115 - Cost: 36M Gold Edit

Warlord Adar+Distraught Plant Colonel+Sebastian, Holy Righteousness+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Ooze=>Warlord Adar
Warlord Alaniel+Mad Gloomwidow+Orc's Guard General+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Ooze=>Warlord Alaniel
Warlord Graugt+Ancient Forest Guardian+Undead Orc's Hero+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Graugt
Warlord Kergan+Vengeful Hobgoblin+Ancient Silverback+Rainbow Egg+Rainbow Ooze=>Warlord Kergan
Warlord Morgana+Scary Corroding Giant+Vlad, Vampire's Lord+Rainbow Egg+Rainbow Ooze=>Warlord Morgana
Warlord Richard+Scary Corroding Giant+Grein, The Light Of Dawn+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Ooze=>Warlord Richard
Warlord Vlad+Rotael, The Punisher Of Fallen+Grein, The Light Of Dawn+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Ooze=>Warlord Vlad
Warlord Ororo+Ancient Forest Guardian+Mad Gloomwidow+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Ororo
Warlord Lilith+Ancient Silverback+Vlad, Vampire's Lord+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Ooze=>Warlord Lilith

XII to XIII - Requires Rank 130 - Cost: 38,7M Gold Edit

Warlord Adar+Orcish Witch+Ancient Dark Forest Horror+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Adar
Warlord Alaniel+Wood Nymph+Infernal Imp+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Alaniel
Warlord Graugt+Disciple Of Fire+Distraught Plant Colonel+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Graugt
Warlord Kergan+Lion From Hell+Ancient Forest Guardian+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Kergan
Warlord Morgana+Young Lion+Vengeful Hobgoblin+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Toad=>Warlord Morgana
Warlord Richard+Spring Plant+Infernal Imp+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Richard
Warlord Vlad+Amber Scorpion+Infernal Imp+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Vlad
Warlord Ororo+80px+Orc's Guard General+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Toad=>Warlord Ororo
Warlord Lilith+80px=>Warlord Lilith

XIII to XIV - Requires Rank 145 - Cost: 42,5mln Gold Edit

Warlord Adar+Witch Disciple+Necromancer's Disciple+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Adar
Warlord Alaniel+Lion From Hell+Disciple Of Water+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Toad=>Warlord Alaniel
Warlord Graugt+Autumn Plant+Damned Lady+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Toad=>Warlord Graugt
Warlord Kergan+Scorpion Cub+Damned Lady+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Toad=>Warlord Kergan
Warlord Morgana+Brisk Bug+Disciple Of Thunder+Rainbow Egg+Rainbow Toad=>Warlord Morgana
Warlord Richard+The Restless Spirit+Disciple Of Water+Rainbow Egg+Rainbow Toad=>Warlord Richard
Warlord Vlad+Frostblade Rookie+Disciple Of Water+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Toad=>Warlord Vlad
Warlord Ororo+80px=>Warlord Ororo
Warlord Lilith+80px=>Warlord Lilith

XIV to XV - Requires Rank 160 - Cost: 47,2M Gold Edit

Warlord Adar+Lion From Hell+Black Scorpion+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Ooze=>Warlord Adar
Warlord Alaniel+Gargoyle+Orcish Shaman+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Alaniel
Warlord Graugt+Witch Disciple+Desert Scarab+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Ooze=>Warlord Graugt
Warlord Kergan+Autumn Plant+White Swordsman+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Kergan
Warlord Morgana+Witch Disciple+Ape-Man From Grave+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Morgana
Warlord Richard+Forest Driada+Ethereal Swordsman+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Richard
Warlord Vlad+Young Prophetess+Succubus+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Vlad
Warlord Ororo+80px=>Warlord Ororo
Warlord Lilith+80px=>Warlord Lilith

XV to XVI - Requires Rank 180 - Cost: 50M Gold Edit

Warlord Adar+Rock Gargoyle+Thunder Mage+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Adar
Warlord Alaniel+Desert Scarab+Fire Mage+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Alaniel
Warlord Graugt+Forest Bug+Essence Seeker+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Graugt
Warlord Kergan+Frostblade Shinobi+Orcish Sorceress+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Kergan
Warlord Morgana+Spring Wood Golem+Hell's Predator+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Morgana
Warlord Richard+Forest Bug+Essence Seeker+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Ooze=>Warlord Richard
Warlord Vlad+Rock Gargoyle+Sandy Cub+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Vlad
Warlord Ororo+80px=>Warlord Ororo
Warlord Lilith+80px=>Warlord Lilith

XVI to XVII - Requires Rank 200 - Cost: 52,7M Gold Edit

Warlord Adar+Incorporeal Knight+Headhunter+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Adar
Warlord Alaniel+Orcish Great Witch+Storm Guild's Adept+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Toad=>Warlord Alaniel
Warlord Graugt+Shadowy Necromancer+Guild Of Darkness Adept+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Graugt
Warlord Kergan+Terrible Triton+Guild Of Darkness Adept+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Toad=>Warlord Kergan
Warlord Morgana+Incorporeal Knight+Soulcatcher+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Toad=>Warlord Morgana
Warlord Richard+Wicked Witch+Orcish Battle Shaman+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg=>Warlord Richard
Warlord Vlad+Wicked Witch+Soulcatcher+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Toad=>Warlord Vlad
Warlord Ororo+80px=>Warlord Ororo
Warlord Lilith+80px=>Warlord Lilith
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