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Swamp Oozy
Swamp Oozy.png
Evolves 3-StarIcon.png - 4-StarIcon.png
Found Wednesday/Saturday 2

Monster Overview:[]

Swamp Oozy is a monster who's only use is as Evolution material.

Used As Evolution Material For:[]

IV Archibald, Bloodless Sniper.png Carnivorous Amanita.png Damned Bloodsucker.png Ethernal Lady.png
Fiery Imp.png Lord Debussy, Duel's God.png Queen Of Wasps.png Revived Orc's Warrior.png
Rouge, Shade Of Death.png Till, Wild Hunt's Archont.png
V Brainless Troll.png Ent The Forest Guardian.png Giant Flower Warrior.png Immortal Nosferatu.png
Imp The Chieftain.png White Knight.png Wicked Orc's General.png