Forge of Gods Wiki

Pain's Crystal is a Stout Set, it provides a boost to the ATK of all Stout type creatures.

Pain's Crystal I - Stout +5 ATK:[]

Revived Plant.png Giant Swine.png Luminous Mushroom.png

Pain's Crystal II - Stout +18 ATK:[]

Wild Flower.png Gloomwidow.png Tangle Spider.png

Pain's Crystal III - Stout +28 ATK:[]

Giant Flower Warrior.png Black Widow.png Small Goblin.png Bloodrite Adept.png

Pain's Crystal IV - Stout +40 ATK:[]

Terrify Shooting Plant.png Black Widow.png Sneaky Goblin.png Wood Nymph.png

Pain's Crystal V - Stout +35 ATK:[]

Autumn Plant.png Acid Tangle Spider.png Sandy Cub.png Forest Seeress.png