Richard The Brave
Richard The Brave
Race Human
Gender Male
Type Defender
Skill Dark Power I

Aura with 1 range.

Increases friendly Humans ATK by +32%.

Monster Overview: Edit

The Warlord Richard The Brave is the only Defender type Warlord and as such has significantly more DEF than the others combined. Richard has both good HP and incredible DEF making him a durable tank, taking minimal damage, or none at all when accompanied by White Warrior, and hold the line against the enemy horde all by himself.

Richard's aura, Dark Power also makes him a good addition for a predominantly Human army late in the game. However, because this aura only affects the base stats of the monster this bonus can become rather insignificant with higher grade monsters.


1 1966 453 1459 115 16
40 2715 625 2014 158 22

Evolution Chart:Edit

Richard The Brave
Cannibal WargMaster Thief
Brown-Green FroglingSmall Snake Egg
Richard The Dark Lion
Old PreacherDamned Bloodsucker
Creepy OozeScorpion Egg
Sir Richard The Lionheart
High PriestGloomwidow
Black EggBoiling Ooze
King Richard The Lionheart
Mad GloomwidowAkella, Howling Leader
Rainbow EggRainbow Ooze
Sir Richard, The Harbinger

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