20.05.2015 ChangesEdit


  • Lag caused when manipulating army reduced.


  • PvP streaks no longer give shadows, instead give green soulstones for Crypts.
  • Glory received from PvP streaks decreased.
  • Shadow Crypt added for sale.
  • Material monster crypt now available, access to rainbow material.

New UnitsEdit

Unit ChangesEdit

New SetsEdit


  • Elite units no longer represented with increased grade.
  • Patterns removed, replaced by randomised enemies
  • Caves can no longer be exited
  • New Area- Training Yard, returns high exp.
  • New Epic Quests - Give T3-T5 elites for completion

Map AlterationsEdit

New UnitsEdit

Unit UpdatesEdit

Altered Ability for:

Altered Stats for:

New Images for:

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