Forge of Gods Wiki

Hope Helm is a Ranged Set, it provides a boost to the HP of all Ranged type creatures.

Hope Helm I - Ranged +7 HP:[]

Small Swarm.png Yellow Hornet.png Young Widow.png

Hope Helm II - Ranged +13 HP:[]

Wasp Swarm.png Undead Archer.png Phantom Girl.png

Hope Helm III - Ranged +20 HP:[]

Young Widow.png Yellow Hornet.png Phantom Girl.png Scary Spider.png

Hope Helm IV - Ranged +66 HP:[]

Elusive Swarm.png Poisonous Hornet.png Witch Disciple.png Disciple Of Fire.png

Hope Helm V - Ranged +45 HP:[]

Elusive Swarm.png Big Poisonous Hornet.png Desecration Necromancer.png Black Widow.png