Ranged Set-Camouflage is a Ranged Set, it provides a boost to the DEF of all Ranged type creatures.

Camouflage I - Ranged +4 DEF:

Wild Hunt's Master.png
Yellow Hornet.png
Master Thief.png

Camouflage II - Ranged +6 DEF:

Phantom Girl.png
Witch Disciple.png
Church Acolyte.png

Camouflage III - Ranged +12 DEF:

Ghostly Lady.png
Bloodrite Adept.png
Ugly Imp.png

Camouflage IV - Ranged +16 DEF:

Boneclattering Skeleton.png
Zamalan, Iron Sand.png
Amber Scorpion.png

Camouflage V - Ranged +22 DEF:

White Warrior.png
Hell's Predator.png
King Kong.png
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