Forge of Gods Wiki

Ancestral Bow is a Ranged Set, it provides a boost to the REG of all Ranged type creatures.

Ancestral Bow I - Ranged +3 REG:[]

Mad Tangle Giant.png Young Widow.png Forest Archer.png

Ancestral Bow II - Ranged +6 REG:[]

Tangle Spider.png Sneaky Goblin.png Pious Chaplain.png

Ancestral Bow III - Ranged +9 REG:[]

Black Widow.png Mad Toxic Flower.png Ghostly Lady.png

Ancestral Bow IV - Ranged +24 REG:[]

Scary Corroding Giant.png Aggressive Plant.png Ghostly Lady.png Young Prophetess.png

Ancestral Bow V - Ranged +30 REG:[]

Terrify Killing Flower.png Terrify Shooting Plant.png Elven Bowmaster.png Young Jinn.png