Orcish Witch
Orcish Witch.png
Race Beast
Gender Female
Type Ranged
Skill Spell Of Rage I

Aura with range 2

Increases friendly Beast ATK by +20%.

Monster Overview:[edit source]

Orcish Witch is a nice support unit for a Beast army, her ability, Spell Of Rage, can give a buff to the ATK of all Beasts.

However, because this aura only affects the base stats of the monster this bonus can become rather insignificant with higher grade monsters, because of this the Gorilla can be more effective with Stout and Ranged units. Orcish Witch also has 3 range making her capable of hitting far off units safely from the back row of an army.

Stats:[edit source]

1 492 688 87 21 7 3
40 615 861 109 27 9 3

Can be Found:[edit source]


Evolution Material for:[edit source]


Set Requirement for:[edit source]

Evolution Chart:[edit source]

Orcish Witch.png
Orcish Sorceress.png
Ossified Warg.png
Black Frogling.png
Orcish Great Witch.png
Mad Toxic Flower.png
Gluttonous Oozy.pngSmall White Egg.png
Orcish Hereditary Witch.png
Ardi, Skeleton's Warchief.png
Yellow Ooze.pngBlue-Orange Toad.png
Orcish Great Sorceress.png
Ethernal Lady.png
Black Toad.pngBoiling Ooze.png
Melinara, The Spirits' Interlocutor.png

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