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Game Info

Forge Of Gods is a web game currently on Kongregate. As of 4/17/15, the game is also available on Android. As of 01/24/2016, the game is also available on Armor Games.

The game gives you a Warlord, and tasks you with recruiting a large army and chasing after a necromancer.

Hints and Tips
"The Warlord Graugt combined with a Brisk Bug is a great combination for a ranged beast army!"
"Remember, changing your Warlord is free and all your invested stats and levels carry over between Warlord's."
"Runes can appear on stages after a monster is slain. You can manually move these by dragging them onto friendly units (swords, shields, etc) or onto enemies (red skulls that deal damage) or you can simply let them land where they will as you move. "
Link to the Google Doc containing lots of information.