Forge of Gods Wiki

Dead Swamp 1 - Boss deals splash so keep ranged away from tank

Scary Night 1 - Focus target on single skeleton so you don't kill them all evenly

Scary Night 2 - use splash damage to kill all his summonings, Adar, careful that boss has range so he will kill any ranged units

Hidden Cave 1 - Boss hits along a line so unit position is important to prevent everything dying, can use Morgana to hit plants w/o them hitting you

Hidden Cave 2 - Boss reflects damage so a healer probably useful, Graugt can single-handedly deal with boss, maybe vlad too

Other Side 1 - Boss reflects melee so use stout and strong range

Other Side 2 - Boss summons mushrooms when attacking, but use of tree allows Morgana to hit from range, so bring a healer or low damage tank to block

WIld Place 2 - Boss hits AoE but damage is dependent on who he hits. Use Richard to tank and any nearby units will take minimal damage allowing attackers to run him through

The Guardian 1 - Boss hypnotises units so make sure focus target boss, move units out of range of your own units to prevent self killing

The Guardian 2 - Boss gains attack when hit -> want to use attackers so damage dealt: attack gain ratio is low

The Monster 2 - use strong def (e.g. richard) and several ranged units. Make sure only in range of one at a time

Revenge 2 - Boss has high damage and pierce, he will quickly kill any unit that is not stout, suggest changing to graugt

Kidnapped 1 - Boss summons way too many spiders need splash (Adar)

Kidnapped 2 - Use Morgana + wall block to kill otherwise chances are all ranged will be butchered

Turn Of Events 2 - Need strong attackers otherwise his reflect damage aura will do serious damage, vlad would be nice

Iolanthe - boss decreases enemy defence on attack, Richard can tank for a while but slowly takes more and more damage, maybe Graugt?, the demon fences reflect damage so kill those first