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Wild Toughness is a Male Set, it provides a boost to the HP of all Male creatures.

Wild Toughness I - Male +8 HP:[]

Undead Peasant.png Sapling.png Frostblade Rookie.png

Wild Toughness II - Male +19 HP:[]

Crazy Skeleton.png Wild Flower.png Zombie Archer.png

Wild Toughness III - Male +37 HP:[]

Desert Stranger.png Mad Toxic Flower.png Ape-Man From Grave.png

Wild Toughness IV - Male +64 HP:[]

Wicked Orc's General.png Akella, Howling Leader.png Dark Mage.png Forest Bug.png

Wild Toughness V - Male +75 HP:[]

Fury Warrior.png Terrify Killing Flower.png Cudgel Troll.png Malevolent Goblin.png