Forge of Gods Wiki

Male Rage is a Male Set, it provides a boost to the ATK of all Male type creatures.

Male Rage I - Male +5 ATK:[]

Apprentice.png Zombie Wolf.png Trapper.png

Male Rage II - Male +13 ATK:[]

Redhead.png Dead Forest Wolf.png Cunning Trapper.png

Male Rage III - Male +18 ATK:[]

Undead Gorilla.png Young Cactus.png Brisk Bug.png

Male Rage IV - Male +23 ATK:[]

Fury Warrior.png Ossified Warg.png Forest Bug.png Rock Gargoyle.png

Male Rage V - Male +30 ATK:[]

Frostblade Genin.png Orc's Warrior.png Poisonous Bowmaster.png Thunder Mage.png