Acid Phosphoric MushroomAcid Tangle SpiderAdar The Flame Master
Adar The IgneousAggressive PlantAirflow Genin
Airus, Thunder ArchimageAkella, Howling LeaderAl Caar, The Seed Of Volcano
Amber ScorpionAncient's GroundAncient Ape's Leader
Ancient Dark Forest HorrorAncient Foothill DragonAncient Forest Guardian
Ancient Frozen DragonAncient GargoyleAncient Jinn
Ancient Ossified DragonAncient Pharaon ScarabAncient Rock's Guild Adept
Ancient Scarab Of OsirisAncient SilverbackAncient Spike Firedragon
Ancient ThunderdragonAncient restAngel
Angered BasiliskAngry Flame DrakeApe's Pride Defender
Ape-Man From GraveApprenticeArachnus Spinner
Aradan, Great SmithArchangel Of JusticeArcher Of The Thicket
Archibald, Bloodless SniperArchimaster Adar The IgneousArchmage Of The Abyss
Ardi, Skeleton's WarchiefArmored Forest BugAshigaru
Astral WandererAttacker Set-AdrenalinAttacker Set-Berserker Rage
Attacker Set-Bulwark Of KingsAttacker Set-Expeditious SpearAttacker Set-Runedagger
Attacker Set-SpecialAutumn PlantAutumn Stonewood Creature
Autumn Wood GolemAveraan, Mistress Of SinAydrien The Last Bowmaster
Azouri, The Vernix ProphetessBabrog The Harbinger Of VictoryBasic Game Play
Bastet, Blade HurricaneBeast Set-Blackfire WandBeast Set-Dragon Skin
Beast Set-Prophet's ScepterBeast Set-SavageryBeast Set-Special
Beast Set-Vitality BoosterBetrayalBig Poisonous Hornet
Big Zombie BoarBlack Desert MonsterBlack Scorpion
Black WidowBlacksmithBlazing Manticore
Blind SeeressBloodrite AdeptBloodthirsty Wasp
Blooming Wood GolemBlossoming Wood MonsterBlue Thunder Draco
Blue Winter DracoBone DragonlingBoneclattering Skeleton
BonescratcherBorn In The Depths Of HellBorn To Burn
Brainless TrollBreath Of WindBrisk Bug
Brisk ScarabBuildingsBurned-By-Love
Burning SpiritBurning WitchBuzzing Wasp
Cactus AssassinCactus WarriorCannibal Warg
Carnivorous AmanitaCarnivorous MushroomCave Of Blood
Charming SuccubusChieftain Graugt, The HarbingerChieftain Graugt The Destroyer
Church AcolyteCirce, The Reality CorruptorCloud Shinobi
Corroding Web SpiderCorrupted Ape's LeaderCrazy Skeleton
Creature Skill TableCreepy OozyCrouching In The Night
Crypt DefenderCrypt RipperCrypts
Cudgel TrollCunning ThiefCunning Trapper
Daily PortalDaimyoDamned Bloodsucker
Damned JinnDamned LadyDark Forest Defender
Dark Forest TreeDark KnightDark Mage
Dark MirrorDark SaplingDark Swordsman
Dark TemptressDarkslayerDarkthicket Wolf
Daughter Of Love And DeathDazzling HamadryadDead Forest Wolf
Dead OrcDead SwampDead Wolf's Lair
Deadly Electric DrakeDeadly ScorpionDeathless Silverback
Defender Set-HeartyDefender Set-Monstrous ShieldDefender Set-Special
Defender Set-Supernal BroadswordDefender Set-TacticsDefender Set-Tribal Buckler
Demon Set-Blood Of UndeadDemon Set-Death CleaverDemon Set-Hellborn
Demon Set-Scrap Metal ShieldDemon Set-SpecialDemon Set-Spooky Scythe
Dengue The Red AbbotDesecration NecromancerDesert Sand Monster
Desert ScarabDesert Scorpion's HandlerDesert Stranger
Devil DemonessyDisciple Of EarthDisciple Of Fire
Disciple Of NightDisciple Of ThunderDisciple Of Water
Distraught Flower ColonelDistraught Plant ColonelDominatrix
Doomed GhostDreadful Green DrakeDreadlord
Earth MageEfreetiEfreeti The Incinerator
Electric DragonlingElite BowmasterElusive Swarm
Elven ArcherElven BowmasterEnchantress
Enraged RogueEnt The Forest GuardianErphoria, Fearweaver
Essence SeekerEthereal SwordsmanEthernal Lady
Evil Stingerfling SpiderEvil Witch Of DarkwoodEvolution
ExperienceFading Wood GolemFall's Canyon
Fallen ArchiwizardFanatic WarlockFanged Marrow Chomper
Fatty OrcFaust, Afterlife HarbingerFear Eater
Fearless MeliadaFed PudgeFemale Set-Female Claws
Female Set-Femen BoosterFemale Set-IntuitionFemale Set-Maternal Instinct
Female Set-Wound TreatmentFencerFiery Eagle
Fiery ImpFiery MaidenFiery Manticore
Fire DevourerFire DragonlingFire Elemental
Fire MageFire Spike DracoFirebird
FireghostFlaming HeadFlaming Nymph
Flamy TempestFlying BlazeForest Archer
Forest BugForest DefenderForest Driada
Forest SeeressFossil Undead DrakeFrenzied Bone-Orc
Frostblade GeninFrostblade GuardianFrostblade Master, Zero
Frostblade PrivyFrostblade RookieFrostblade Shinobi
Frozen Blue DrakeFruitFurious Marauder
Furious SeraphimFurious ShoheiFury Warrior
Ghost's PartyGhost WarriorGhostly Lady
Giant AdephageGiant Flower WarriorGiant Jinn
Giant Plant WarriorGiant Progenitus Of BugsGiant Swine
Giant Troll's AvengerGiant Troll's SoldierGlacial Winter Drake
GloomwidowGlossary and explinationGoblin Assassin
GokeninGold Royal SwarmGraceful Assassin
Grades - Rarities - TiersGrand GuardGraugt The Bone Crusher
Graugt The DestroyerGreat Hurricane LordGreat Jinn Lord, Zafar
Great Water's KeeperGreen DragonlingGreen Foothill Draco
Green GluttonGrein, The Light Of DawnGrisly Reaper
Guild Of Darkness AdeptGuildsHangyouku
HatamotoHeadhunterHeaven Warrior
Hell's PredatorHellfire's LordHellfire Guild's Adept
Hellish ManticoreHerald Of HellHidden Cave
High-ShamanHigh PriestHis Fatness, Brombool
Horny DeathHorny SkullHour Of Twilight
How To Add MonstersHowling BansheeHuman Set-Ancient Medicine
Human Set-Divine WeaponsHuman Set-Guardian VestHuman Set-Orb Of Command
Human Set-Seal Of The PantheonHuman Set-SpecialHunting Lion
Huorn The Forest GuardianIce DragonlingIgnus, Hellfire Archimage
Immortal Defender, AbaddonImmortal NosferatuImp
Imp The ChieftainImperial ArcherImpetuous Light Drake
Incorporeal KnightInfernal EfreetiInfernal Imp
Infernal VolcanoInsatiable WardenIolanthe
Kaa, Snake's LordKaria, The Great Wood NymphKensiro The Thunderclan Jonin
Kergan The Desert SwordKergan The SlayerKhan Kergan, The Harbinger
Khan Kergan The StingKidnappedKilling Wasp
King KongKing Of The DesertKing Richard The Lionheart
King Vlad The DragonLady Alaniel The SylvanLambent Princess
Last Journey's ChevalierLava WreathLion From Hell
Lion PrinceLittle TrollLord Debussy, Duel's God
Lovely PyromancerLuminous MushroomMad Cactus
Mad GloomwidowMad Soul's HarvesterMad Tangle Giant
Mad Toxic Flower
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