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Divine Weapons is a Human Set, it provides a boost to the ATK of all Human type creatures.

Divine Weapons I - Human +9 ATK:[]

Fencer.png Thief.png Young Shooter.png

Divine Weapons II - Human +11 ATK:[]

Master Fencer.png Thief.png Young Shooter.png Church Acolyte.png

Divine Weapons III - Human +24 ATK:[]

Water Mage.png Pious Chaplain.png Master Thief.png Skillful Duelist.png

Divine Weapons IV - Human +32 ATK:[]

Sebastian, Holy Righteousness.png Lord Debussy, Duel's God.png Young Shooter.png Master Thief.png

Divine Weapons V - Human +96 ATK:[]

Skillful Duelist.png Prince Of Thieves.png Disciple Of Water.png Old Preacher.png