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Human Set-Ancient Medicine is a Human Set, it provides a boost to the HP of all Human type creatures.

Ancient Medicine I - Human +4 REG:[]

Undead Archer.png Phantom Girl.png Cannibal Warg.png

Ancient Medicine II - Human +8 REG:[]

Revived Plant.png Crypt Ripper.png Undead Swine.png

Ancient Medicine III - Human +13 REG:[]

Killing Wasp.png Ethernal Lady.png Ethereal Swordsman.png

Ancient Medicine IV - Human +19 REG:[]

Wild Hunt's Master.png Earth Mage.png White Warrior.png Wild Saber-Toothed Boar.png

Ancient Medicine V - Human +26 REG:[]

Buzzing Wasp.png Dark Mage.png Damned Bloodsucker.png Forest Driada.png