Gems are the game's "premium" currency, and can be obtained by doing anything, or by spending real life cash. Your total can be found at the top right of the main map screen.

Average income per day (from small tasks) can be around 5-50. While boosts from quests/compensations/events can increase this greatly.

Sources of Gems Edit

Following is a list of places where you can obtain gems FREE, along with their rates.

Source Gems
Guild Raid "Mine", 750 50 per week
Daily/Trial/Raid Maps, found in obstacles 0-3 per map, ~0.5 average
Daily Quests 4 per 4 quests completed, 5 completions max, with chances for quests giving 5, and other quests giving more for collecting gems.
Epic Quests 100-1,000+, not completed too often however
Gem Cave 3+ per day, depending on level
Daily Login Rewards varied, certain days can give 3-20 every weeks worth

Buying Gems Edit

You can also spend real life cash to buy gems. Since the game is free, you can look at it like supporting a game you enjoy, and pay what you feel your enjoyment was worth.

A good strategy to get the most gems for your money, is buying the $5 "subscription" pack that gives 40 per day (1,200 total). Regardless of the other deals that give 33%-200% bonus gems, the subscription pack gives more gems per dollar, along with a gold and xp boost. The only downside is that it considers only "40" towards the VIP, and there is NO unique creature. When debating on going to the $10 for 80 gems a day, it is highly recommended to wait 29-30 days until the 1st one is about to expire, as it will RESET the timer.

Uses of Gems Edit

Following is a list of uses for gems, along with a recommendation for most players. Ranging from: no, low, high, situational.

Use Gems Recommendations Notes
Unlock Warlord Class 2,000 low specific to end game builds
Warlord Skins 600+ situational cosmetic only
Consumables 5+ no Only runes can't be obtained normally, and currently not much use unless desperate in PvE
Crypts 25-712 high Only use with soulstones, amber or specific race crypts are recommended
Buying Creatures 20+ no All buyable creatures can be farmed easy enough, prices are way too high
Building Materials varied no All building materials are farmable with time, at the beginning a player may want to drop a couple gems to start something early, but mid-game+ it's not worth
Building/Research Rushing varied no Cost to rush buildings is bit high, ~7 gems per hour reduced, your construction queue is normally empty anyways.
Guild Donation 50+ high Leveling up a guild allows more members, and more free void crystals per day.

Also, any extra can be used by leader to buy life crystals for everyone.

Guild Void Crystal 2,000 no No, you get these for free, and daily.
Guild Fire Crystal 3,900 no Not worth buying 1 random chance in a guild crypt for everyone, since the guild crypts have about a 5-10% chance at something "decent" (not great).
Guild Life Crystal 1,000 high Easiest way to farm for rainbow mats, gives a crystal to everyone in guild.
Refresh Daily Maps 50 no Every day is a refresh for free, unless incredibly desperate for ~200k gold, no need
Unlock Daily Maps 50 situational Maps are unlocked eventually through the week, unless your schedule prevents you from logging in on Sundays for rare evos (which can sometimes be found on trials)
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