Fossil Undead Drake
Fossil Undead Drake.png
Race Demon
Gender Male
Type Attacker
Skill Bonebreaker IV

On attack.

Splashes 400% damage to target's neighbours.

Monster Overview:[edit source]

Being one of the only two AoE damage dealers of Demon race (alongside Fireghost) he is a must have for any late-game Demon army. Fossil Undead Drake is the step up from Postulant, his skill, Bonebreaker, deals extra damage to enemies surrounding the main target; making him best used by targeting strong units in order to best deal with others.

Stats:[edit source]

1 4730 566 266 392 56
170 6740 806 379 558 80

Can be Found:[edit source]

Not Found

Evolution Material for:[edit source]


Set Requirement for:[edit source]


Evolution Chart:[edit source]

Bone Dragonling.png
Boiling Oozy.pngSmall White Egg.png
Young Bone Draco.png
Rouge, Shade Of Death.png
Purple Ooze.pngSpider Egg.png
Undead Bone Draco.png
Ape's Pride Defender.png
Vinous Ooze.pngBrown-Green Toad.png
Fossil Undead Drake.png
Archer Of The Thicket.png
Black-Red Toad.pngCreepy Ooze.png
Putrefied Fossil Drake.png
Mexican Annihilator.png
Rainbow Ooze.pngRainbow Egg.png
Ancient Ossified Dragon.png

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