Forge of Gods Wiki

Wound Treatment is a Female Set, it provides a boost to the REG of all Female type creatures.

Wound Treatment I - Attacker +4 REG:[]

Desert Stranger.png Wild Mushroom.png Undead Swine.png

Wound Treatment II - Attacker +9 REG:[]

Scary Spider.png Wild Flower.png Big Zombie Boar.png

Wound Treatment III - Attacker +14 REG:[]

Corroding Web Spider.png Triton's Cub.png Revived Orc's Warrior.png

Wound Treatment IV - Attacker +21 REG:[]

King Of The Desert.png Disciple Of Fire.png Spinebreaking Boar.png Earth Mage.png

Wound Treatment V - Attacker +27 REG:[]

Evil Stingerfling Spider.png Flamy Tempest.png Big Poisonous Hornet.png Water Mage.png