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Intuition is a Female Set, it provides a boost to the SPD of all Female type creatures.

Intuition I - Female +4 SPD:[]

Imp.png Scary Spider.png Vampire.png

Intuition II - Female +8 SPD:[]

Phosphoric Mushroom.png Little Troll.png Bloodrite Adept.png

Intuition III - Female +11 SPD:[]

Warlike Mushroom.png Redhead.png Sandy Rogue.png

Intuition IV - Female +14 SPD:[]

Dark Mage.png Heaven Warrior.png Bloodrite Adept.png White Warrior.png

Intuition V - Female +18 SPD:[]

Warlike Amanita.png Aradan, Great Smith.png Undead Ape's Defender.png Big Poisonous Hornet.png