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In order to make your monsters stronger, you need to evolve them.  This process requires at least two of the creature at the same Star level, and transforms them into the next Star up.  The higher the Tier of the monster, the more expensive the evolution becomes, both in materials and in gold.  The evolved creature gains permanent stat bonuses from the evolution, making evolved monsters much more powerful than captured higher Star monsters that haven't been evolved.


Example Evolution

Each evolution needs at least two of the same monster.  Common monsters have a maximum of 4-Star, so evolving a full monster from 1-Star to 4-Star takes 8 Tier 1 monsters.  Beyond the first evolution step, additional materials are needed for the evolution.  Usually one or two other monsters and some combination of Material Monsters, Eggs, Frogs and Oozes.  The type and rarity of the materials needed increases with both Star and Tier as well.


Stat increases can make a big difference

Bonuses are gained from evolution.  This is one of the reasons even common monsters can be very powerful after a few evolutions.  Bonuses stack, so when you evolve any monster, the resulting evolution will take all of the bonus stats from each of its component monsters.  Not only the bonus from the two monsters of the lower Star, but also the required Evolution Monsters.  Because Elite monsters have a natural 30% bonus to stats, these make the best evolution material.  On top of the natural bonuses, two fully leveled creatures also grant a Megaevolve Bonus of 10%.  During certain events, this bonus will increase to 15%, making evolution during that event even more potent. 

Note: By double-clicking the new monster (BEFORE evolving) you can see what the projected bonus will be.

Maximum Bonuses For Monsters, without ME (with ME)
Non-Elite T10% (0%)10% (15%)30% (45%)80% (115%)
Non-Elite T2+0% (0%)10% (15%)40% (55%)100% (135%)220% (295%)460% (615%)
Pure Elite30% (30%)70% (75%)180% (195%)400% (435%)840% (915%)1720% (1875%)
Non-Elite T2+ w/ Elite Mat.0% (0%)10% (15%)60% (75%)160% (195%)360% (435%)760% (915%)

Maximum Bonuses For Warlords, without ME (with ME)
Using Non-Elite Mat.10% (15%)40% (50%)70% (85%)100% (120%)130% (155%)
Using Elite Mat.10% (15%)80% (90%)150% (165%)220% (240%)290% (315%)

Note: Using reset option always transforms your Warlord to rank VI, 0/40, Mega 15%.

Minimum Elite[]

Sometimes when creating elites for added evolutions or rebirth, you only need elite (not max). So knowing what the minimum required % needed to make an elite, means you can save elite materials.


Minimum Needed

I 30%+
II 60%+
III 151%+ (121%+ for Wolves)
IV 331%+ (271%+ for Wolves)
VI 695%+

Use case scenario: when trying to make an IV, you can save 3 I, and 1 II elites by not using all elites and using mega evo (still making a 345%). So you can choose which creatures are hardest to obtain, and do calculations from there, as long as they equal the minimum required, they become elite.

You can also combine NON-ELITES and create an elite, ie: 2 150s = 300 + 30 + 15 = 345 ELITE.

Daily Area[]

Each dungeon in a daily area helps with evolution.  Gold and experience are needed for every evolution, and can be gained through the Gold Mine and the Shadow Dungeon.  The rest are all evolution material locations - Monday/Thursday, Tuesday/Friday, Wednesday/Saturday and Sunday

  • Monday/Thursday/Sunday* is the Egg location, and will provide players with eggs for evolution materials. 
  • Tuesday/Friday/Sunday* is the Frog location, and will drop frogs for players.
  • Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday* is the location for Oozes
  • Sunday is the location for all three materials at much higher levels.

These locations only drop the materials, similar to the Shadow Dungeon and Shadows.  The difficulties of the areas correspond to the tier of material earned.

* The extra Sunday location has ALL three of the daily evolution materials( Egg, Frog or Oozes ) open in addition to the regular Sunday location. This gives players a chance to get evolution materials if they missed a particular day - or failed in getting the material.

Evolution Formula[]

As the permanent stat bonuses (%bonus) from the evolution are significant, it is important that you should get it as high as possible. This is how the evolution works currently :

1) If all of the monsters participating in the evolve are at max level, it grants a Megaevolve Bonus which give 10% (15% with Mega evolve event) more.


2) The %bonus from the 2 same monsters will add up to the result monster. So get them as high as you can.

Example 1: Undead Peasant + Elite Undead Peasant (+30%) = Crazy Skeleton (+40%)

Example 2: Elite Undead Peasant (+30%) + Elite Undead Peasant (+30%) = Elite Crazy Skeleton (+70%)

3) As for the third monster ( not egg/oozy/frog ) if it is Elite then it will add a permanent 30% to the the result monster, if it is Megaevolved the number added is 10%, else it gives nothing.

Note: The % bonus on this monster does NOT matter, only the status.


Example 1: Crazy Skeleton + Crazy Skeleton + Wild Mushroom = Boneclattering Skeleton (+10%)

Example 2: Crazy Skeleton + Crazy Skeleton + Elite Wild Mushroom (+30%) = Boneclattering Skeleton (+40%)

Example 3: Elite Crazy Skeleton (+70%) + Elite Crazy Skeleton (+70%) + Elite Wild Mushroom (+30%) = Boneclattering Skeleton (70% + 70% + 30% +10% = +180%)

Example 4: Frostblade Guardian (+30%) + Frostblade Guardian (+30%) + Megaevolved Ardi, Skeleton's Warchief (+100%) = Frostblade Privy (30% + 30% + 10% + 10% = +80%)

Example 5: Acid Tangle Spider (+10%) + Acid Tangle Spider (+10%) + Elite Crazy Skeleton (+70%) = Web Enmeshing Spider (10% + 10% + 30% + 10% = +60%) ( The 70% on the Elite Crazy Skeleton doesn't do anything )

Maximum Stat Bonuses[]