Forge of Gods Wiki

Spooky Scythe is a Demon Set, it provides a boost to the SPD of all Demon type creatures.

Spooky Scythe I - Demon +2 SPD:[]

Undead Swine.png Undead Archer.png Phantom Girl.png

Spooky Scythe II - Demon +4 SPD:[]

Dead Forest Wolf.png Dead Orc.png Phantom Girl.png

Spooky Scythe III - Demon +6 SPD:[]

Ossified Warg.png Zombie Orc.png Bloodrite Adept.png

Spooky Scythe IV - Demon +16 SPD:[]

Ossified Warg.png Witch Disciple.png Ghostly Lady.png Ghost Warrior.png

Spooky Scythe V - Demon +10 SPD:[]

Fanged Marrow Chomper.png Desecration Necromancer.png Autumn Plant.png Rouge, Shade Of Death.png