Scrap Metal Shield is a Demon Set, it provides a boost to the DEF of all Demon type creatures.

Scrap Metal Shield I - Demon +10 DEF:[edit source]

Undead Archer.png Zombie Wolf.png Undead Swine.png

Scrap Metal Shield II - Demon +18 DEF:[edit source]

Vampire.png Zombie Wolf.png Rouge, Shade Of Death.png

Scrap Metal Shield III - Demon +28 DEF:[edit source]

Vampire.png Dead Orc.png Ghost Warrior.png

Scrap Metal Shield IV - Demon +40 DEF:[edit source]

Immortal Nosferatu.png Doomed Ghost.png Ghost Warrior.png Desecration Necromancer.png

Scrap Metal Shield V - Demon +55 DEF:[edit source]

Damned Bloodsucker.png Ossified Warg.png Ethernal Lady.png Ice Dragonling.png
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