Forge of Gods Wiki

Death Cleaver is a Demon Set, it provides a boost to the ATK of all Demon type creatures.

Death Cleaver I - Demon +10 ATK:[]

Undead Peasant.png Zombie Wolf.png Ghost.png

Death Cleaver II - Demon +12 ATK:[]

Ardi, Skeleton's Warchief.png Dead Forest Wolf.png Crypt Ripper.png Vampire.png

Death Cleaver III - Demon +30 ATK:[]

Boneclattering Skeleton.png Ossified Warg.png Doomed Ghost.png Immortal Nosferatu.png

Death Cleaver IV - Demon +50 ATK:[]

Ardi, Skeleton's Warchief.png Ossified Warg.png Disciple Of Night.png Bloodrite Adept.png

Death Cleaver V - Demon +100 ATK:[]

Crazy Skeleton.png White Fang, Undead Leader.png Dark Mage.png Vlad, Vampire's Lord.png