Demon Set-Blood Of Undead is a Demon Set, it provides a boost to the HP of all Demon type creatures.

Blood Of Undead I - Demon +9 HP:Edit

Thief Elven Archer Ghostly Lady

Blood Of Undead II - Demon +21 HP:Edit

White Swordsman Disciple Of Thunder Luminous Mushroom

Blood Of Undead III - Demon +45 HP:Edit

Forest Bug Ossified Warg Little Troll

Blood Of Undead IV - Demon +90 HP:Edit

Postulant Dark Forest Tree Swamp Witch Damned Bloodsucker

Blood Of Undead V - Demon +110 HP:Edit

Redhead White Fang, Undead Leader Witch Disciple Ophelia, Tormented By Eternity
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