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Defender Set-Tactics is a Defender Set, it provides a boost to the SPD of all Defender type creatures.

Tactics I - Defender +2 SPD:[]

Young Shooter.png Undead Archer.png Undead Peasant.png

Tactics II - Defender +4 SPD:[]

Disciple Of Fire.png Young Lion.png Zombie Wolf.png

Tactics III - Defender +6 SPD:[]

Tangle Spider.png Poisonous Bowmaster.png Poisonous Hornet.png

Tactics IV - Defender +16 SPD:[]

Ghost Warrior.png Zombie Archer.png Pious Chaplain.png Orcish Shaman.png

Tactics V - Defender +20 SPD:[]

Prince Of Thieves.png Phantom Girl.png Ardi, Skeleton's Warchief.png Goblin Assassin.png