Supernal Broadsword is a Defender set, it provides a boost to the ATK of all Defender type creatures.

Tribal Buckler I - Defender +10 ATK:Edit

Dark Forest Tree Dark Sapling Web Enmeshing Spider

Tribal Buckler II - Defender +9 ATK:Edit

Dark Forest Defender Sapling Warlike Ape-Man

Tribal Buckler III - Defender +30 ATK:Edit

Dark Forest Tree Forest Defender Queen Of Hornets

Tribal Buckler IV - Defender +60 ATK:Edit

Orc's Elite Warrior Revived Tree Ape-Man From Grave Brisk Bug

Tribal Buckler V - Defender +50 ATK:Edit

Huorn The Forest Guardian Forest Defender Undead Gorilla Brisk Bug
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