Monstrous Shield is a Defender set, it provides a boost to the HP of all Defender type creatures.

Monstrous Shield I - Defender +6 HP:Edit

Buzzing Wasp Zombie Wolf Undead Archer

Monstrous Shield II - Defender +12 HP:Edit

Orc The Rookie White Fang, Undead Leader Young Wolf

Monstrous Shield III - Defender +18 HP:Edit

Mad Cactus Web Enmeshing Spider Old Black Widow

Monstrous Shield IV - Defender +60 HP:Edit

Orc's Sergeant Wood Nymph Elven Bowmaster Warlike Mushroom

Monstrous Shield V - Defender +40 HP:Edit

Dark Forest Defender Frostblade Shinobi Ethernal Lady Terrify Killing Flower
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