Dark Forest Tree
Dark Forest Tree.png
Race Demon
Gender Male
Type Defender
Skill Sharp Branches II

Aura with 1 range.

Friendly Demons return 40% damage to enemies.

Monster Overview:[edit source]

The Dark Forest Tree is a great Defender and a must for anyone using Demons, the Sharp Branches ability is great for support as it returns damage which can't be mitigated by enemy DEF. As returned damage cannot exceed a monster's remaining HP, the Dark Forest Tree is particularly useful in combination with Demons with high HP, e.g. Autumn Plant.

Stats:[edit source]

1 746 119 609 32 6
40 988 157 805 42 7

Can be Found:[edit source]

On Drop List:

Low Drop Chance:

Evolution Material for:[edit source]

Corrupted Ape's Leader.png

Set Requirement for:[edit source]

Evolution Chart:[edit source]

Dark Sapling.png
Dark Forest Tree.png
Phosphoric Mushroom.png
Small Snake Egg.png
Dark Forest Defender.png
Spinebreaking Boar.png
Small Succubus Egg.pngVinous Oozy.png
Huorn The Forest Guardian.png
Elite Bowmaster.png
Green Frogling.pngBoiling Oozy.png
Ancient Dark Forest Horror.png

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