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Main List[]

Following is an "at a glance" listing of creatures and their skills. Sometimes when building your army it's nicer to look for "what" it does opposed to searching individually.

Ordered by max grade but sortable by any column (hold shift to sort by multiple columns), skills are based on max grade. "Obtained from" defines the "cheapest" known way to obtain.

Creature names change frequently in game, and sometimes simpler names were used to define the category of evolutions, a link to the page (if it exists) is provided for picture reference/additional research.

Name Max Grade Type Skill Type Skill Effect Obtained From
Wasp 4 Attacker On Attack Decrease enemy HP by 75% Maps
Hornet 4 Ranged 2 On Attack 70% Stun enemy 3 turns Maps
Swarm 4 Ranged 2 On Attack Attack 4 enemies 125% dmg Maps
Shooter 4 Ranged 2 On Attack 17% Deals 3x crit damage Maps
Undead Archer 4 Ranged 2 On Attack +80 ATK Maps
Thief 4 Attacker Being Attacked 33% Evade attack Maps
Skeleton 4 Attacker On Death Revive with 75% 2 times Maps
Ghost 4 Attacker On Attack Increase ATK +200% of target's DEF Maps
Bandit 4 Attacker On Kill +35% ATK Maps
Fencer 4 Attacker On Attack Attack 3 tiles in a row, 70% dmg subsequent enemies Maps
Boar 4 Stout Being Attacked 62% Return 100% dmg to melee attackers Maps
Undead Boar 4 Attacker On Attack Steals 10% DEF Maps
Wolf 4 Attacker On Attack 50% Attack 3 times Maps
Zombie Wolf 4 Attacker Being Attacked 53% Counterattacks Maps
Trapper 4 Stout Aura (2) +50% REG friendly beasts Maps
Weapon smith 4 Stout Aura (1) +30% ATK friendly melee Maps
Orange Mushroom 4 Stout Being Attacked Enemy melee misses 50% for 3 turns Maps
Brown Mushroom 4 Stout Being Attacked Summon Carnivorous Shroomy 2 turns Maps
Green Mushroom 4 Stout Being Attacked Damages enemes 3 tiles around with 160 dmg Maps
Cleric 6 Ranged 1 On Attack Heals 1 friendly unit next to him Maps
Tree 6 Defender Aura (2) +35% ATK friendly ranged Maps
Dark Tree 6 Defender Aura (1) Return 70% dmg for friendly demons Maps
Orc 6 Attacker On Attack 30% Deals 3x crit dmg Maps
Dead Orc 6 Attacker On Attack 80% Stun enemy 3 turns Maps
Archer Girl 6 Ranged 2 On Attack Attacks 3 tiles in a row, 100% dmg to subsequent Maps
Phantom Girl 6 Ranged 2 On Attack Decrease enemy HP by 65% Maps
Imp 6 Attacker On Attack +9% ATK Maps
Skull 6 Attacker On Death Enemies 1 tile around, take 10,000 dmg Free Crypts
Blue Spider 6 Ranged 2 On Attack Ignores 100% DEF Maps
Green Spider 6 Ranged 2 On Attack Enemies miss 75% for 4 turns Maps
Black Spider 6 Ranged 2 On Attack 70% Summons Little Mad Gloomwidow 2 turns Maps
Goblin 6 Ranged 2 On Attack 55% Attacks 3 times Maps
Vampire 6 Attacker On Attack Steals 29% HP Maps
Green Plant 6 Ranged 2 On Attack Splashes 45% damage Maps
Yellow Plant 6 Ranged 2 On Attack Attack 3 tiles in a row, 100% dmg subsequent enemies Maps
Cactus 6 Attacker On Attack Splashes 50% damage Maps
Gorilla 6 Stout Aura (1) +800 ATK friendly beasts Maps
Swordsman 6 Stout Aura (1) Return 780 dmg for friendly humans Maps
Fed Pudge 6 Ranged 2 Aura (1) +18% evade chance friendly melee Free Crypts
Angel 6 Attacker Being attacked 60% Blocks 100% melee dmg Maps
Harpy 6 Ranged 2 On Attack Attacks 8 times Free Crypts
Orange Scorpion 8 Stout On Attack Steals 15% DEF Maps/Reborn
Black Scorpion 8 Ranged 2, Stout On Attack Attacks 4 enemies 290% dmg Reborn
Autumn Plant 8 Stout Aura (1) +55% DEF friendly demons Maps/Pal Crypts
Purple Beetle 8 Defender Aura (2) Friendly ranged attack 2 times with 30% chance Maps/Reborn
Black Beetle 8 Defender Being Attacked Enemies 1 tile around, take 2,000 dmg Pal Crypts/Reborn
Cat Thief 8 Attacker On Attack Hit 4 enemies on chain, 50% damage to each subsequent Pal Crypts/Epic quest (complete dailies)
Frostblade 8 Attacker On Attack Attack 3 tiles in a row, 80% dmg subsequent enemies Reborn
Postulant 8 Attacker On Attack Splashes 400% dmg Reborn
Samurai 8 Attacker Being attacked 90% Stuns enemy 3 turns Pal/Ranking Crypt
Gargoyle 8 Defender Being attacked +400 DEF Reborn
Ghost Warrior 8 Defender Being attacked 55% Stuns enemy 4 turns Maps/Reborn
White Warrior 8 Defender Aura (2) 60% chance to block 1,000 dmg for friendly humans. Maps
Succubus 8 Ranged 2 On Attack Attacks 5 enemies with 100% dmg Reborn
Wood Nymph 8 Ranged 2 On Attack Heals 3 friendly beasts Maps/Pal Crypt
Sorceress 8 Ranged 2 On Attack Heals 3 friendly humans Pal/Rank Crypts/Reborn
Banshee 8 Ranged 2 On Attack Heals 3 friendly demons Pal/Rank Crypts/Reborn
Orcish Witch 8 Ranged 3 Aura (2) +45% ATK for friendly beasts Reborn
Enchantress 8 Ranged 2 On Attack Transforms enemy into Nettle Swine for 3 turns Reborn
Fiery Maiden 8 Ranged 3 On Kill Summons Morte, Efreet Familiar on dead creature 3 turns Pal/Gem Crypts
Witch 8 Ranged 3 On Attack Steals 17% ATK Maps/Reborn
Thunder Mage 8 Ranged 2 On Attack Hits 5 enemies in a chain, 100% subsequent enemies Maps/Pals Crypt/Reborn
Water Mage 8 Ranged 3 Aura (2) +30% evade chance for friendly humans Maps/Pals Crypt/Reborn
Earth Mage 8 Ranged 3 Aura (2) +50% DEF for friendly humans Reborn
Fire Mage 8 Ranged 2 On Attack Splashes 55% damage Maps/Pals Crypt/Reborn
Demon Mage 8 Ranged 3 Aura (2) +45% ATK for friendly demons Reborn
Necro Mage 8 Ranged 3 On Kill Summons Ardi, Skeleton's Warchief on dead creature 4 turns Reborn
Hangyouku 8 Ranged 2 On Attack 80% Attack enemies 3 times Pal/Ranking Crypts
Manticore 8 Attacker Being attacked Counterattacks Reborn
Lion 8 Attacker On Attack Steals 50% HP from enemies Reborn
Shaman 8 Ranged 3 Aura (2) +45% ATK for friendly females Maps/Pals Crypt/Reborn
Basilisk 8 Stout Aura (2) -50% DEF for enemies Reborn
Undead Gorilla 8 Defender Aura (2) +400 REG for friendly demons (removed)
Dead Gorilla 8 Defender Aura (1) -50% SPD for enemies Maps/Pals Crypt/Reborn
Ninja 8 Attacker On Attack Increases ATK for 300% of target's ATK Reborn
Fire Elemental 8 Attacker Aura (1) +30% chance to attack twice for friendly demons Pal/Ranking Crypts
Troll 8 Stout Aura (2) +800 REG for friendly melee Reborn
Night Warrior 10 Defender Aura (1) +50% ATK for friendly humans Maps/Ranking Crypts
Shadow Walker 10 Attacker On attack Steals 25% ATK Ranking Crypts
Snake Warrior 10 Attacker Being attacked 30% Evades attack Ranking Crypts
Yellow Warrior 10 Attacker On attack 30% Deals 2x crit dmg Ranking Crypts
Terror 10 Attacker On attack Swaps ATK to ATK of an enemy (only if higher) Gem Crypts
Winged Vixen 10 Ranged 3 On attack Steals 23% HP Ranking Crypts
Vixen 10 Ranged 3 Aura (1) 2.5x crit dmg for friendly demons Gem Crypts
Solar Nestling 10 Attacker On death Reborn with 100% HP 3 times Ranking Crypts
Blue Djinn 10 Ranged 3 Aura (1) 35% chance to ignore 100% DEF for friendly ranged Ranking Crypts
Pink Djinn 10 Ranged 2 On attack Splashes 55% damage to target's neighbors Ranking Crypts
Skeleton Dragon 10 Attacker On attack Splashes 500% damage to target's neighbors Ranking Crypts
Teal Dragon 10 Ranged 2 On attack Hits 4 enemies in chain, 65% to each subsequent Ranking Crypts
Green Dragon 10 Ranged 2 On attack Attacks main target with 100%, and additional 4 enemies with 80% damage Ranking Crypts
Blue Dragon 10 Ranged 2 On attack Attack 4 tiles in a row, 140% dmg to each subsequent Ranking Crypts
Black Dragon 10 Attacker On attack Damages enemies 2 tiles around with 40% damage Ranking Crypts
Santa 10 Ranged 2 On kill Summons Winter Hooligans on dead enemy tile for 3 turns. Ranking Crypts
Holy Reaper 10 Atttacker Being attacked Block 100% of enemy ranged Gem Crypts
Scarecrow 10 Attacker Aura (1) Friendly demons steal 50% HP Gem Crypts
Academy Apprentice 10 Ranged 3 Aura (2) +80% ATK for friendly units Gem Crypts
Little Helper 10 Stout Being attacked 30% Returns 100% damage to enemy melee
Frostheart 10 Ranged 2 Aura (1) 40% chance to stun for 2 turns for friendly humans Gem Crypts
Petulant Pumpkin 10 Ranged 3 Aura (2) Friendly units transform selves to Pumpkinlings for 991 turns Gem Crypts
Adept of the Order 10 Ranged 2 On friend's death +50% ATK Gem Crypts

Notes on skills:[]

Proc Rates[]

Proc rates in pvp/pve are as stated. However, versus PVE bosses, the rates are usually around 10% and some things are disabled (like transforms). May need a separate table of what does and does not proc on bosses.


Skills with "Steals ATK/DEF" actually remove the stolen amount from the enemy. However "Steals HP" does not remove the stolen hp, just recovers.

Steal does NOT work on towers/obstacles.


Crits are applied only to the direct target (not splashed). It is applied to the damage AFTER defense calculations.


Summoned creatures do NOT attack on 1st turn summoned.

You cannot summon a creature that transforms on death (cannot turn an egg into a skeleton) - ?Not sure about the creature after the egg however?

Summons do not inherit runes that were applied to the summoner, but can take them (but die soon, so not advised).

Summons move WITH your party, and can often block progression because of this.

You can summon a creature on a summon, if you create a skeleton, and the enemy necro mage kills your skeleton, he creates a skeleton. This can be swapped back and forth infinitely.

Summons follow focus "targeting" rules.


If a skill has a "summon" on kill/on attack. Then the % stats of the caster will go to the creature created on the battlefield.

If a skill has summon on allies (like the pumpkinling), it means "on ally death". Same % stats of caster carry over as above.

If a skill has transform enemy, a 0% creature will be created, with the maps stats, meaning a champion nightmare map could still spawn a 23k+ HP orange mushroom I.

Transform does NOT work on towers/obstacles, and does NOT affect the soul/item drops. You will receive the original creature as a drop for souls.

If you summon a creature, and that creature is transformed by an enemy, it says for the additional duration caused by the 2nd transform.

You cannot transform something if it is already the creature. Can't transform a pig I into a pig I - ???not sure if elite status changes this rule

Set bonuses do NOT get applied to summoned creatures (???not sure about pvp bonuses from castle still being applied).

Transform removes ALL other ailments (like stun/blind).

Stealing ATK from the transform does not steal the base creatures ATK. (So it will be a terrible amount stolen).

Transforms are usually 1-10% chance on bosses, and don't work on obstacles.

??? does stun/transforms stop after the creature who did it dies???

Turn Duration[]

For stuns/transforms, a turn duration of 2, may actually be only 1 turn. Since being transformed at the start will be 1, and the 2nd turn will be the end. Effectively meaning, only 1 full round will show the effect. That is why 3 turns is a little more preferable, as you can strategize more easily, a full round on the effect.

Attack X Times[]

Attack X times + other procs are only procced ONCE. So if an enemy dodge is procced, then ALL attacks are dodged. If a steal is procced, then ALL attacks will steal.

Attack X times can be compounded, based on buff stacking, but remember the additional hits are multiplying additional hits.

IE: If you have a 10% chance to 2x from a buff, and another 60% chance to 2x. You don't have 70%, you actually have 10% to hit 1 more time, and then another 60% chance to hit one more time, what you currently have, so 1, 2, or 4 times total.

So having a friend ogre warlord with 70% chance, and your own warlord with 60% chance to attack 2x does not guarantee 2x. You can hit anywhere from 1,2, or 4 times, since it multiplies the additional hits.

Buff Stacking[]

Exact duplicate buffs do NOT stack, however different grades DO stack. So a gorilla V and gorilla VI actually give: 1,400 ATK to beasts (600+800).

This can be especially effective for the +ATK% buffs on your strongest splash creature for mid to end game play, when you only have 1 or 2 strong creatures.

Percentage buffs are NOT added together, they are calculated individually. IE: attack X times, or dodge chance. So having a 10% and 13% buff does not mean 23%, it means things are rolled individually.


Splash hits ALL adjacent squares to the targets (usually 8). If the target takes more than 1, like a boss, it hits the additional squares around the entire boss (so 12 extra squares). Making a splash creature in your army very effective at cleaning out, and focusing on just the boss in fights.

Splash damage is calculated per individual creature hit.

Splash does NOT trigger adjacent procs, like obstacles that remove REG when attacked. This can be effective at cleaning out lots of negative obstacles in PvE.

Splash does NOT hit creatures shrouded in fog. You have to visibly see the creature to splash onto it.


Aura 2 can affect entire party (only 3 valid spots to do this however).

Obstacles/towers are NOT affected by auras (you cannot reduce defense with basilisk).

"Increased ranged fighters ATK" does NOT increase the cleric healer's heal, because he is not a fighter. However "Increased friendly ATK" does.

Aura bonuses are applied and recalculated after each stat change. So stealing 100 ATK with a 25% aura actually grants 125 ATK.


Enemies cannot counterattack when stunned. Stun disappears when originator of the stun is killed.



Friendly warlord bonuses from sets are individual, they do not receive your set bonuses.

(Added search terms: Creature Skill List, Skills Table, Skills List)