Chieftain Graugt The Destroyer
Chieftain Graugt The Destroyer
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Stout
Skill Survival Instinct IV

Aura with 1 range.

Friendly Beasts attack 2 times with 80% chance.

Monster Overview: Edit

The Warlord Chieftain Graugt The Destroyer is the only Beast Warlord and is also the only Warlord with a unique ability. Graugt's ability Survival Instinct allows friendly Beasts to attack multiple times, this becomes very effective towards the later stage of the game. Graugt's incredibly high HP and REG make him a great tank, able to take large amounts of damage and heal it back quickly.


1 12166 838 75 198 413
99 17641 1215 108 287 599

Evolution Chart:Edit

Graugt The Destroyer
Cannibal WargImperial Archer
Brown-Green FroglingSmall Snake Egg
Graugt The Bone Crusher
Dark Forest DefenderForest Defender
Black-Red ToadScorpion Egg
Warchief Graugt The Crusher
Immortal NosferatuHuorn The Forest Guardian
Black EggBlack Toad
Chieftain Graugt The Destroyer
Vlad, Vampire's LordWilhelm, Single-Eyed Sniper
Rainbow EggRainbow Toad
Chieftain Graugt, The Harbinger

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