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Sets are collectible upgrades which will provide some of your monsters with a boost to thier stats. Sets require having three or four specific monsters filled out in the in-game Bestiary (found under Sets).

By completing a set all monsters of that sets type will gain a permanent boost, e.g. Adrenalin I-Attackers: +2 REG, all attacker type units will gain a permanent boost to REG. Sets stack so it's best to complete as many as you can.

To collect a set you need only kill any monster required in that set. Set recipes are dropped by the first monster you kill when entering a level, only one recipe can be collected per battle.

You can have a maximum of 10 sets in your inventory at any one time, to make room for new sets you must either complete one or forget it. As you can forget sets and find them again later, it is suggested that you forget any you can't currently complete and find them again later. Farming the same normal map won't get you diverse sets, and you may pick up the exact same one you just forgot on the same exact map. It is recommended to farm daily portal/Trial maps to get a bigger variety or even guild raids for the even more rare ones.

Completed Set Stats:[]

Set Warlord Complete.png Humans Set Beast Complete.png Set Demon Complete.png Set Attacker Complete.png Set Defender Complete.png Stouts Set Ranged Complete.png Set Male Complete.png Set Female Complete.png

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