Tier 1 Buzzing Wasp Yellow Hornet Small Swarm Young Shooter Thief Fencer Nettle Swine Young Wolf Trapper Apprentice
Wild Amanita Wild Mushroom Luminous Mushroom Undead Archer Ghost Undead Peasant Undead Swine Zombie Wolf Desert Stranger
Tier 2 Church Acolyte Dark Sapling Dead Orc Forest Archer Imp Orc The Rookie Phantom Girl Horny Death
Sapling Scary Spider Small Goblin Tangle Spider Vampire Wild Flower Young Cactus Young Gorilla
Young Widow Bonescratcher Redhead Revived Plant Fed Pudge Angel Ugly Raider
Tier 3 Amber Scorpion Autumn Plant Brisk Bug Brisk Scarab Cunning Thief Frostblade Rookie Gargoyle Ghost Warrior Ashigaru
Damned Lady Disciple Of Thunder Disciple Of Water Disciple Of Earth Disciple Of Fire Disciple Of Night Necromancer's Disciple Lion From Hell Hangyouku
Postulant Scorpion Cub Shaman Disciple Spring Plant Triton's Cub Undead Gorilla White Warrior Wind Ninja Fire Elemental
Witch Disciple Wood Nymph Young Lion Orcish Witch Young Prophetess The Restless Spirit Little Troll Enchantress Fiery Maiden
Tier 5 Bone Dragonling Electric Dragonling Fire Dragonling Fireghost Green Dragonling Ice Dragonling Winged Vixen
Night Warrior Shadow Walker Snake Warrior Scorpion Warrior Young Jinn Solar Nestling Terror

For a list of creatures and their skills, please refer to: Creature Skill Table

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