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Tier 1 Nettle Swine.png Young Wolf.png Luminous Mushroom.png Wild Amanita.png Wild Mushroom.png Buzzing Wasp.png Small Swarm.png Yellow Hornet.png
Tier 2 Orc The Rookie.png Small Goblin.png Sapling.png Revived Plant.png Wild Flower.png Fed Pudge.png
Young Cactus.png Scary Spider.png Tangle Spider.png Young Widow.png Young Gorilla.png Ugly Raider.png
Tier 3 Amber Scorpion.png Scorpion Cub.png Brisk Bug.png Brisk Scarab.png Cunning Thief.png Gargoyle.png Lion From Hell.png
Little Troll.png Orcish Witch.png Shaman Disciple.png Spring Plant.png Triton's Cub.png Wood Nymph.png Young Lion.png
Tier 5 Electric Dragonling.png Fire Dragonling.png Green Dragonling.png Ice Dragonling.png Young Jinn.png

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