Brisk Scarab
Brisk Scarab.png
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Defender
Skill Protective Reaction I

Being attacked.

Damages enemies on 1 tile around itself for 200 damage.

Monster Overview:[edit source]

The Brisk Scarab is a very powerful Defender, although hard to acquire in great number. The Brisk Scarab's ability, Protective Reaction, deals good damage to enemies in the immediate vicinity, and due to having a such high DEF stat this will likely trigger several times before death, making the Brisk Scarab a serious threat to any nearby non-Stout unit.

Stats:[edit source]

1 1219 287 951 76 10
40 1524 359 1189 95 13

Can be Found:[edit source]

Not Found

Evolution Material for:[edit source]


Set Requirement for:[edit source]

Evolution Chart:[edit source]

Brisk Scarab.png
Desert Scarab.png
Warlike Amanita.png
Small Green Egg.png
Pyramide Scarab.png
Revived Tree.png
Gluttonous Oozy.pngSmall Black Egg.png
Magic Pharaon Scarab.png
Fanged Marrow Chomper.png
Purple Ooze.pngYellow-Orange Toad.png
Ancient Pharaon Scarab.png
Dark Forest Defender.png
Succubus Egg.pngWhite Toad.png
Ancient Scarab Of Osiris.png

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