Prophet's Scepter is a Beast Set, it provides a boost to the HP of all Beast type creatures.

Prophet's Scepter I - Beast +3 REG:Edit

Yellow Hornet Wild Flower Wasp Swarm

Prophet's Scepter II - Beast +6 REG:Edit

Yellow Hornet Mad Toxic Flower Young Cactus

Prophet's Scepter III - Beast +9 REG:Edit

Poisonous Hornet Giant Plant Warrior Mad Cactus Orc's Warrior

Prophet's Scepter IV - Beast +24 REG:Edit

Poisonous Hornet Terrify Killing Flower Spring Plant Brisk Scarab

Prophet's Scepter V - Beast +15 REG:Edit

Big Poisonous Hornet Orcish Witch Ape's Pride Defender Orc's Guard General
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