Beast Set-Dragon Skin is a Beast Set, it provides a boost to the DEF of all Beast type creatures.

Dragon Skin I - Beast +5 DEF:[edit source]

Young Cactus.png Ape-Man From Grave.png Phosphoric Mushroom.png

Dragon Skin II - Beast +8 DEF:[edit source]

Young Shooter.png Zombie Archer.png Revived Tree.png

Dragon Skin III - Beast +13 DEF:[edit source]

Imperial Archer.png Swamp Witch.png Desert Scarab.png

Dragon Skin IV - Beast +19 DEF:[edit source]

Yellow Hornet.png Thunder Mage.png Bloodrite Adept.png Bloodrite Adept.png

Dragon Skin V - Beast +25 DEF:[edit source]

Poisonous Hornet.png Ossified Warg.png Terrify Shooting Plant.png Ethereal Swordsman.png
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