Autumn Plant
Autumn Plant
Race Demon
Gender Male
Type Stout
Skill Harvest Time I

Aura with 1 range

Increases friendly Demon's DEF by +27%.

Monster Overview: Edit

The Autumn Plant is the only Demon Stout unit in the game, it's high HP means it combos very well with the Dark Forest Tree's damage return aura. The Autumn Plant's very high HP makes it capable of returning very large amounts of damage, but also the Autumn Plant's aura, Harvest Time, boosts the Dark Forest Tree's already high DEF making it all the more difficult to kill. However, because this aura only affects the base stats of the monster this bonus can become rather insignificant with higher grade monsters.


1 4604 291 36 74 151
40 5755 364 45 93 189

Can be Found: Edit

Low Drop Chance:

Rebirths From:

Acid Phosphoric Mushroom

Evolution Material for:Edit


Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Autumn Plant
Autumn Wood Golem
Poisonous Bowmaster
Vinous Oozy
Fading Wood Golem
Fury Warrior
Green FroglingSmall Black Egg
Autumn Stonewood Creature
Acid Phosphoric Mushroom
Purple OozeSpider Egg
Overblown Wood Monster
Flamy Tempest
Gluttonous OozeBlack Toad
Stonewood Autumn Avenger

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