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Bulwark Of Kings is a Attacker Set, it provides a boost to the HP of all Attacker type creatures.

Bulwark Of Kings I - Attacker +7 HP:[]

Thief.png Young Wolf.png Young Cactus.png

Bulwark Of Kings II - Attacker +24 HP:[]

Dead Orc.png Orc The Rookie.png Immortal Nosferatu.png

Bulwark Of Kings III - Attacker +19 HP:[]

Master Thief.png Orc The Rookie.png Killing Wasp.png

Bulwark Of Kings IV - Attacker +62 HP:[]

Prince Of Thieves.png Orc's Sergeant.png Vlad, Vampire's Lord.png Postulant.png

Bulwark Of Kings V - Attacker +90 HP:[]

Snake Warrior.png Orc's Warrior.png Doomed Ghost.png Cactus Warrior.png