Attacker Set-Berserker Rage is a Attacker Set, it provides a boost to the DEF of all Attacker type creatures.

Berserker Rage I - Attacker +3 DEF:Edit

Zombie Wolf Brisk Bug Revived Plant

Berserker Rage II - Attacker +7 DEF:Edit

Lion From Hell Wood Nymph Wild Flower

Berserker Rage III - Attacker +11 DEF:Edit

Undead Swine Elven Bowmaster Killing Wasp

Berserker Rage IV - Attacker +15 DEF:Edit

Fireghost Pious Chaplain Autumn Plant Ghost Warrior

Berserker Rage V - Attacker +21 DEF:Edit

Trapper Cunning Thief Orc's Elite Warrior Dark Forest Defender
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