Ancient Rock's Guild Adept
Ancient Rock's Guild Adept.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Type Ranged
Skill Stoneskin III

Aura with range 2

Increases friendly Humans DEF by +35%.

Monster Overview:[edit source]

A useful Ranged unit due to being one of the few creatures with 3 range. Ancient Rock's Guild Adept also provides a nice boost to the DEF of Human units, this combos particularly well with Defenders, such as White Warrior. In combination with the Water Mage, he can provide nice support to an army. However, because this aura only affects the base stats of the monster this bonus can become rather insignificant with higher grade monsters.

Stats:[edit source]

1 453 334 77 13 7 3
75 745 832 125 31 11 3

Can be Found:[edit source]

Not Found

Evolution Material for:[edit source]


Set Requirement for:[edit source]

Evolution Chart:[edit source]

Disciple Of Earth.png
Earth Mage.png
Doomed Ghost.png
Black-Red Frogling.png
Ancient Rock's Guild Adept.png
Warlike Ape-Man.png
Green Frogling.pngSmall Black Egg.png
Old Mountain Wizard.png
Queen Of Wasps.png
Purple Ooze.pngSpider Egg.png
Stone And Steel Sorcerer.png
Elven Bowmaster.png
Vinous Ooze.pngBlack Toad.png
Terros, Stone Archimage.png

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