Acid Tangle Spider
Acid Tangle Spider.png
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Ranged
Skill Sticky Web II

On attack.

Causes enemies to miss 45% of their attacks for 2 turns.

Monster Overview:[edit source]

The Acid Tangle Spider's attacks cause enemies to become Blind. Blind enemies miss with their attacks, leaving them unable to injure your units; this is useful against enemies capable of large damage output, either from high ATK or powerful abilities.

Stats:[edit source]

1 310 297 47 18 5 2
40 410 393 62 23 7 2

Can be Found:[edit source]

On Drop List:

Evolution Material for:[edit source]

Evil Witch Of Darkwood.png Prophetess Of Dreams.png

Set Requirement for:[edit source]

Evolution Chart:[edit source]

Tangle Spider.png
Acid Tangle Spider.png
Crazy Skeleton.png
Small Snake Egg.png
Web Enmeshing Spider.png
Cannibal Warg.png
Black-Red Frogling.pngSmall Green Egg.png
Web Enmeshing Arachnid.png
Ossified Warg.png
Green Frogling.pngGluttonous Oozy.png
Mad Tangle Giant.png

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